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   About Us
                We are a export company of agro food products in India. Our main products are white rice, parboiled rice, sesame seeds, basmati rice, pusa 1121 rice, maize (corn), other grains (Millet, Barley, Sorghum), oilmeals and oilseeds (sesame, mustard, niger), poultry feeds (bird feeds), whole spices (cumin, coriander, turmeric etc.) and mango pulp. We believe in providing quality products at competitive prices and assure you our best services always.
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In this hi-tech milling plant every stage conforms to the international standards and stringent guidelines of process control.
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Farming Practices

Seed Selection, Treatment of Seed, Nursery, Field Preparation, Transplantation, Weed Cleaning, Top Dressing,Irrigation, Pruning, Drainage, Harvesting & Threshing.
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About Us

Delfra Exports is an agro food division. Company has made its mark globally by meeting international quality standards and high competitiveness for its core product range.

Our vision

- To promote the Indian rice products and enhance rice export to the global market.
- To be the top Indian rice supplier in the industry.
- To become a reliable rice supplier to the global market.
- To export other agriculture commodities (cashew nuts, tapioca, corn) besides rice to the global market.

Mission statement

To best respond to our consumers and buyers interests with our accuracy and loyalty. Delfra Exports strives to be the initiator and exporter of Indian rice to the world. We aim to serve buyers interests to the maximized capacity by understanding their needs, performing professional inspection and development, using strict quality inspected processes and applying our extensive hi-tech knowledge. We also aim to lead by a good example of being a professional and technically sounds in management, administration and logistics arrangement. We exercise macroeconomic policies as we endeavor to provide food-supply solutions to the country as well as to help farmers and millers to enhance their production efficiency, enabling to meet the international standard.

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